Frequently Asked Questions

For Clients

Does Olledo screen freelancers?

We let the reviews and ratings from clients speak for themselves to help users choose a
freelancer to work with. Olledo only screens freelancers who have been specifically selected as
curated “Olledo Picks”. However, Olledo is proactive and would ban freelancers who violate our
terms of agreement or community guidelines.

Can Olledo help me find freelancers?

Olledo can facilitate your search for the right freelancer by showing you popular top-rated
freelancers, and curated professionals on our list of “Olledo Picks”. You can also post a service
you need and let the freelancers who match your needs come to you.

What should I do after signing up?

After signing up, you can browse by categories, location, ratings and reviews. You can also
check out what’s popular around you. If you find what you need, you can message them
directly, no restrictions. You can also schedule an appointment through the booking feature.

How do I find the best freelancer for the job?

Olledo enables you to search for the type of service you need by location, ratings, or
You can also go to our “Olledo Picks” for a curated list of top-rated services. Or, post the details
of your job, and let freelancers with the skills you need find you.

Who owns the legal rights to work done by a freelancer through Olledo?

The client owns all the legal rights to work done for them, as long as they have made the agreed
upon payment for services rendered.

How do I hire freelancers on Olledo?

When you find the right freelancer, you can message them directly with no communication
restrictions to work out the details of your project and book your service. You can also schedule
an appointment directly through the Olledo booking feature.

How do I pay my freelancer, and how much?

You can pay your freelancer through any means, and in any amount you have agreed upon.
Olledo currently does not enable in-app transactions, so clients and freelancers have to discuss
payment modalities separately. We suggest Paypal.

For Freelancers

What can Freelancers do on Olledo?

Freelancers can efficiently maintain their portfolio, create a professional gallery showcasing
their work, market their services to clients in need of their skills, and manage their schedules through
Olledo’s innovative platform.

Who is a freelancer?

Anyone who works independently, and gets paid for talents or skills they provide to people in
need of their services.

How can I proactively find jobs?

As a freelancer, you can browse through posted jobs to submit your portfolio to clients in need
of your specific services, and then provide the service to the client if they would like to book you.

How does Olledo help me manage my workflow?

Olledo’s booking feature helps you easily manage your schedule. You can set your own working
hours, confirm bookings, decline bookings, and see all your past and future bookings. You can
also embed the booking widget in your personal website.

Why should I use Olledo?

Olledo provides you with essential tools you need to run your independent business, such as an
innovative booking feature and professional gallery to showcase your work. Olledo does not
collect a transaction fee and does not moderate conversations between you and clients, so you
can agree upon project scope and terms that work for you. Olledo lets clients in your location
find you easily with a geographic area search feature. Olledo also lets you find jobs posted by
people in need of freelancers.

How much can I make from Olledo?

There is no limit to how much you can make from selling your services on Olledo. Olledo does
not charge a transaction fee, so you keep all of the money from your sales and can take it
straight to the bank.

How can I grow my business?

You can grow your business by maintaining a quality portfolio, getting good reviews, sharing
your profile on social media platforms, and requesting to be chosen by our staff as an Olledo

What fees do I have to pay?

With Olledo, you only pay a monthly membership fee of $9.99 to be part of our community of
freelancers. You keep any money you make from selling your services, Olledo will not take any
percentage from your transactions.

General FAQ

What projects can be done on Olledo?

Olledo has 11 project categories encompassing different fields, everything from artwork to
healthcare. Skilled freelancers can be found and hired in any of these categories to find the
exact services you need.

How does Olledo make money?

Olledo makes money from the monthly membership fees freelancers pay. Olledo may also
make money through sponsored listings, or collecting fees from curated freelancers.

What is Olledo Pick?

Olledo Pick is a curated section of the platform, in which freelancers are screened and
shortlisted to be featured profiles. Olledo reviews applications for Olledo Pick and selects those
who meet our stringent criteria. Olledo only charges freelancers a fee for Olledo Pick after they
are successfully selected.