The Olledo Mission and Origin Story

An epic journey, with epic results.

At Olledo, we believe the modern workforce is trending towards freelance, and we’re here for it. We want to be key players in revolutionizing the way people freelance, and connect with freelancers, to make the road to the freelancing future as smooth as possible. Our platform provides individuals with the opportunity to boost their income and connect with clients in an open collaboration environment.
Focusing on the specific needs of freelancers has allowed us to provide users with a streamlined, positive experience when freelancing with Olledo. We have also taken client wants and needs into consideration, to develop the most comprehensive search feature to connect clients with the perfect freelancer for their job. All of these combined has enabled us to create Olledo’s unique set of tools for freelancers and clients, which are in line with our goal of providing a smooth experience and incredible work environment for all our users.
We stand firmly behind the idea that modern freelancing can be simplified with innovative uses of strategy, software, and community.

Explore Olledo

Olledo consists of a simple set of tools aimed at helping freelancers market their services to clients searching for them. A showcase gallery, an appointment booking system, messaging interface for communication, a location-based job/freelancer search tool with a ratings filter, as well as a social networking platform for all users to interact and share knowledge.

The Future is Now

The freelance market is evolving every single day, and we are making dramatic improvements to our core software in order to keep in pace with rapidly changing freelancer needs.
We are hustling to create a proactive, instead of passive, marketplace where clients can indicate their real-time needs to attract freelancers, and freelancers can use their portfolios to more effectively attract attention from clients searching for their specific services.
Olledo will continue to push the boundaries of the independent marketplace and break down barriers between freelancers and clients, as we have done from our inception.

The Meaning Behind “Olledo”

The name Olledo was inspired by the Nigerian Igbo word Olaedo, which means “treasure” or “pot of gold”. From the very beginning, we have felt passionately about enabling the many skilled freelancers in the workforce to increase the value of their unique abilities and providing them with the tools to monetize them.